An Innovation From PERSENTECH

The Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS) is the latest innovation from Persen Technologies Incorporated (PERSENTECH). PERSENTECH has been actively developing GPS devices with Location-Based Services (LBS) since 2004 and has been delivering data logging solutions for vehicle-based and active living data collection projects since 2007. PERSENTECH’s data loggers and software solutions are field-proven and have been deployed in multi-year, large-scale transportation study projects that have resulted in extensive research outcomes and publications for our clients. Two marquee examples include the Candrive older driver research project and Transport Canada’s Canadian Vehicle Use Study.






Candrive / Ozcandrive Study (2009 to present)

Candrive / Ozcandrive is a large scale multi-national research study aimed at improving the safety and quality-of-life of older drivers. Using a longitudinal study design and naturalistic driving methods the health, driving pattern and performance of older adults is being studied as a function of medical status life-cycle changes. The project is tracking 1300 older drivers for up to seven years in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The study’s research is focused on influencing policy and changing practice with respect to seniors who drive.

As of August 2013, over 35 million kilometers logged with OttoView-CD devices.

Transport Canada – Canadian Vehicle Use Study (2009 to present)

Transport Canada, with the help of its federal, provincial and territorial partners, conducts the Canadian Vehicle Use Study (CVUS), an annual survey of motor vehicle use. The CVUS is the first survey of its kind in the world to collect vehicle activity directly from the vehicle using exclusively electronic collection methods. The data collected by Ottoview Vehicle Data Loggers (VDL) assist decision makers in developing programs and policies that enhance the movement of passengers and goods, improve road safety, and lower fuel consumption and air emissions. The project makes use of approximately 3,000 VDLs for cars and heavy-duty trucks.

As of December 2013, over 22,000 vehicles have used the Ottoview VDLs to log origin-destination surveys.

Who We Are

Frank Franczyk

P.Eng., MSc., President

Frank Franczyk is the founder and President of the company. Frank’s career spans 28 years with a background in satellite communication systems and international business development. He has held senior management positions in private and public operating companies in both Engineering and Product Marketing. Frank earned his post-secondary degrees at the University of Manitoba including a Bachelor and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration degree, specializingin General Management and Leadership.


Jay Vanstone

Jay Vanstone has been with PERSENTECH since inception as the Operations Manager. Jay holds a certificate in Domestic Electronics from Red River College, Winnipeg and has over 31 years of experience in computer, radio systems, radio frequency technology and manufacturing. Jay is responsible for electronics layout and design, applied electro-mechanical development, supply chain management, materials procurement, production assembly management, and final production quality control, testing and verification.