Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS)

Provides an integrated set of tools that automates the collection and processing of multi-modal Global Positioning System (GPS) based travel behavior data and is designed to complement or replace the majority of the traditional manual labour-based methods with an intelligent and automated data collection, management and analysis platform. Diagnostics from the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) interface can also be captured with the OttoView vehicle data loggers


Data Loggers

Data is collected by a family of Otto branded autonomous logging devices and smartphone applications. The data includes GPS location and location-based map information that is automatically captured from the Otto map coverage data stored on the device.


Data Repositories

Data is uploaded to a central data repository in real time using cellular data networks, and/or passively post-survey using a personal computer. The data includes GPS information, vehicle sensor information collected from the OBD interface, contextual/environmental information extracted from third party sources; and, if required, entries from traditional survey methods.


Automated Questionnaires

Surveys can be administered in-vehicle at the start or stop of each trip using the Vehicle Data Logger (VDL). In addition, the devices can be configured to trigger emails or SMS texts to prompt participants to complete the surveys online using their computer or their smartphone device.

OTSS provides a data collection and analysis platform that can accommodate the data needs of a wide range of stakeholders collaborating together in the same travel study. The combination of more accurate spatial-temporal data along with reduced respondent burden allows for multi-day data collection that can support reductions in required sample sizes and a resulting cost offset.

OTSSĀ has over a decade of development and field deployment success. Our goal is to give the capability to make better decisions from better data collected through the use of a better solution.

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