Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS)

Developed to address the needs of travel behavior research and has been used in a wide range of academic, government and institutional research-oriented projects requiring specific data collection device features, application software, and data management and reporting systems.


Data Loggers

Over the past ten years, the Otto data logger devices have been used in a variety of travel research studies involving covert autonomous data collection, driving behaviour data logging, and real-time driver interactive implementations. The Otto data loggers are simple to install and easy to use. The Vehicle Data Logger (VDL) can be installed in both light-duty passenger vehicles as well as heavy-duty trucks. The Smartphone Data Logger (SDL) can be downloaded from the AppStore and customized to the study requirements.


Data Repositories

Data is uploaded to a central data repository in real time using cellular data networks, and / or passively post-study using a personal computer. The data includes GPS information, vehicle sensor information collected from the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) interface, contextual/environmental information extracted from third party sources; and, if required, entries from traditional survey methods.


Study Specific Development

OTSS has over a decade of development and field deployment success relating to specific research-outcomes. OTSS can be tailored to the study-specific requirements using the core data logging devices and data repositories. The goal of OTSS is to provide the capability to do better research and make better decisions using significantly improved data collection and data management methods.

Otto has an excellent reputation as a technology solution and product suite that delivers the desired outcomes to transportation researchers.

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