Otto Travel Study Solution (OTSS)

Focused on travel study and travel survey automation and is designed to be the go-to technology platform for travel survey consultants and practitioners. OTSS is architected to provide you and your customers with a better data collection and data management solution, yielding better data so that your customers can use it to develop better models and make better decisions.

OTSS is comprised of a family of leading technology Vehicle Data Loggers (VDL) and Smartphone Data Loggers (SDL), a central data repository for detailed information, and a real-time data repository for tracking and information reporting. Development is also underway on the creation of a Personal Data Logger (PDL) that can be carried by study participants to collect GPS-based information in any active-transportation mode.


Data Loggers

OTSS data loggers are multi-functional devices that collect detailed information every second. In addition to GPS information, the VDL collects information from the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port on light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. The data loggers can also include maps with previously geo-coded locations and road network information including speed limits and safety zone locations that can be used to study driving behavior. The dash-mounted models include a programmable touch screen display that can be used to administer origin-destination questionnaires at the start or stop of every trip.

The SDL can be downloaded from the AppStore. In addition to the collection of continuous real-time GPS information, user screens and survey questions of the app can be customized according to the transportation study requirements.


Data Repositories

Data is uploaded to a central data repository in real time using cellular data networks, and / or passively post-study using a personal computer. The data includes GPS information, vehicle sensor information collected from the OBD interface, contextual/environmental information extracted from third party sources; and, if required, entries from traditional survey methods.

Otto has over a decade of development and field deployment success. Its goal is to provide travel survey consultants and practitioners with the capability to make better decisions from better data collected through the use of a better solution.

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